Fashion is an Urban Lifestyle. Here at AFAB, we offer not just original styles and designs but we believe our customers are also urbanites who enjoy the big city life. So we develop a platform that offers exciting and nouveau city life experiences from entertainment, traveling, exploring and life-stimulating experiences to go with that fashionable lifestyle. So that our customers can share their urban lifestyle stories on their favorite social media.
Indulge in everything that AFAB has to offer from VVIP backstage pass to your favorite singer or band’s concert to that live catwalk show in one of South-East Asia’s oldest train stations. These life-time experiences are created to forge continuous engagement with AFAB customers and to foster loyalty. AFAB is able to offer such experiences with various Brand and City partners on the AFAB platform. For every event, venue or experience the AFAB Fashionista is dressed to tell a story.

After all, What you wear is What you Are…and you are living in GOAT.