Fashion is a lifestyle business. At AFAB, we believe that the business of fashion should be open to Everyone. Any investor or company interested in investing in the business of fashion has the freedom to do so anytime, anywhere at their convenience and fancy WITHOUT being tied down with a long-term commitment as in opening up a store. Physical or online. Investors can now invest in a Single Private Collection at AFAB and generate revenue immediately from the sales. Each sale campaign runs about 4 months and hence Investors can expect an ROI within 4-5 months from the time they commit.

Instead of investing in setting up a physical shop or a fashion e-commerce store from scratch, where investors might face these challenges:
• Lack of creative talents
• A high paid-up capital requirement (ie. rental & utility deposits, burn-rate)
• Staff training
• Monthly fixed overhead
• Unsold inventory
• High Return rates (online store)

Access to hassle free Fashion Investment now at AFAB to diversify your portfolio without accepting more risk than planned as you can:
• Make your investment based on a Collection by Collection basis
• Choose to invest in any high quality Private/Limited Collection you wish throughout the whole year
• Enjoy Guaranteed Return

AFAB Strategy is the most Forward-looking and Business Oriented structural change for ASEAN fashion industry to transcends Digital Economy and thrive in today’s global market for Designers and Investors.

Interested to find out more, please register at Investors. Once you are accepted, you shall be on our Priority List whenever any new Private Collection that is coming out for sale and requires production investment.