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  • Every fashion designer aspires to be a global brand and selling to big-name retailers was the best way to get there. The advent of digitalization and e-commerce is causing brick and mortar retailers to fight for their own survival. Technology progression is also eliminating all businesses are that considered as “middle-men” business. Retailers are “middle-men” for independent designers. And when Covid-19 hits, fashion retailers world-wide is going down one by one. The fall of fashion retailers is an Opportunity for the Rise of Independent Fashion Designers.

    Digitalization and Creativity is the ONLY way to ensure your Business of Fashion remain Sustainable.
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In the crowded and competitive global fashion industry, it is important for Independent designers to carve a market niche for themselves. This niche is to go back to the basics of “Designerwear” when designer clothes are tailor-made to fit. AFAB is the only fashion platform to feature strictly Independent Artisan designers who make tailor-fit clothes for customers.

Threats and Trends shall continue to evolve within the fashion industry. The safest way to ensure minimal or no disruption to your supply chain is to make the clothes with your own or appointed tailoring workshop. Your global customer would love to see how you work with professional ateliers to create the custom-fit clothes for them. Tailor-make your clothes to perfect fit your customers. With AFAB mobile app AI Virtual tailor, your customers can order tailor-made ready-to-wear or one of a kind from anywhere around the world from their mobile phone. AFAB makes it easy for your customers and you make sure you deliver Quality. Tailor-made, Reduce textile waste. And no unsold inventory.

As a designer you just create and make quality clothes. AFAB will do the rest. From technology deployment, marketing and shipping, AFAB is your hassle-free business partner to global sales. We work on Fair practise of revenue-sharing. When you sell, then we share. We believe that Passion and Pride drive Success and if you think you have both, welcome aboard to AFAB.