AFAB Asia has a mission to disrupt and democratize the fashion industry with focus on emerging markets. The world's fastest emerging markets are South-East Asia and South-America. Both of which AFAB is highly interested in. However, AFAB understands that marketing emerging designers and designer wear would be a challenge under current global fashion market situation where the industry is predominantly saturated by luxury brands, fast fashions and mass produced disposable clothings.

In facing these challenges, AFAB Asia has to develop an entirely new business model and ecosystem to market emerging designers and designer wear to the world. The AFAB Solution - a Digital Marketplace in a socio-economic ecosystem.
AFAB is the Exclusive business ecosystem driver of the Council of ASEAN Fashion Designers (CAFD). CAFD is the first ever ASEAN Secretariat recognized Fashion Council. AFAB bridges the resources gaps for South-East Asian fashion designers to fulfill their Visions. AFAB’s mission is driven by our Passion to see ASEAN fashion industry transcends and thrive with Creativity, Originality, Social-Responsibility, Traceability and Sustainability in a socio-economic ecosystem.
At the core of its innovations is the AFAB mobile app that features an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Virtual Tailor for custom-measurements. AFAB mobile app also has another patent-filing Augmented Reality (AR) fitting room for users to fit and try out the clothes virtually and share with their friends on social media before purchase. AFAB mobile app is available on Android and iOS.